Plenary Speakers

Prof Dee Bradshaw

(Julius Kruttschnitt Minerals Research Centre, University of Queensland, Australia) – The valuable role of process mineralogy in the future of the mining industry


Prof Wulf Depmeier

(University of Kiel, Germany) – Cross fertilization of mineralogy and crystallography: A tribute to the International Year of Crystallography at IMA 2014


Prof Richard A Ketcham

(University of Texas at Austin, USA) - Petrography in 3D: Using X-ray CT to amplify geological intuition


Prof Anhuai Lu

(Peking University, China) – Photoelectrons from the mineral and microbial world: A new perspective on the interactions between geosphere and biosphere


Prof Walter Maresch

(Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany) – IMA Presidential lecture: To be or not to be an eclogite, that is the question: The amphibolite-eclogite transition revisited


Prof Ian Parsons

(University of Edinburgh, UK) – Feldspars on the inside: reading their record


Prof Dave Reid

(Department of Geological Sciences, University of Cape Town) - Platinum Group nano-mineralogy


Prof Nikolay Sobolev

(Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberia) - IMA medallist for excellence in Mineralogical Research: Ultrahigh Pressure Mineralogy of the Continental Lithosphere

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