dstlogo2The Department of Science and Technology's vision is to create a prosperous society that derives enduring and equitable benefits from science and technology.

Its mission is to develop, coordinate and manage a national system of innovation that will bring about maximum human capital, sustainable economic growth and improved quality of life.

The Department of Science and Technology provides leadership to develop the National System of Innovation primarily by implementing the 2002 National Research and Development Strategy and the 2008 Ten-Year Innovation Plan for South Africa.

Its role includes managing and coordinating the National System of Innovation through policy formulation and resource allocation, and working closely with all its stakeholders, e.g. business, science councils, agencies and service delivery departments.

The Department’s efforts are aimed at, among other things, growing high-level science, technology and innovation human capital, developing science and technology infrastructure, encouraging research in emerging domains, establishing technologies and innovations to stimulate new industries, and driving indigenous innovations in established industries.

For more information, go to www.dst.gov.za.